Friday, September 18, 2009

A short tale about a redheaded star.

From my email this morning:

"Without challenge, Holland, adventure is impossible.
The Universe"


This morning we filmed two things and I got to see a little bit of the footage. Damn, I look better on camera than I though I would. AND people were watching us like we were famous. Doesn't matter we weren't. Those people MADE us famous. BEST. EVER. Today I met the director I'm working with tomorrow and I really like her concept. I decided against going to the park with them, which I feel badly about. I am just SO hungry right now I keeen't stiiiiind it!

So, things are better than before. Still homesick. Kyle: I read your note pretty much every day. Laura: Thank you for the videos, I know they will help. Daddy: Thanks for listening. Mom: Thank you for the email. And everyone: thank you for the facebook love!!!!!!!! It all helps. It's all Love.

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