Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi friends.

Okay. Um. It's only been like, 2 and 1/2 days and I feel like I've been here for years.

This is what I wrote on the long flight to London:

There is an absolute beauty in the conglomeration of sounds coming from all different looking people on an international flight. It was a little intimidating at first and eventually (after taking a breath) I found it…breathtaking. The British accent is awesome and makes me want to speak like that all the time (possibly live in London?). Anyway, I’m so excited to say my flight is going well and I will be turning off my computer so that I don’t have to worry about it interfering with the flight. Flying scares me enough. Perhaps I’ll take to the pen and paper route. Good old-fashioned fun. See ya in Prague!


It's funny because my acting class (a whopping total of 13 acting students to the 60 some-odd filmmakers and directors) is made up of a huge variety of people from different places (mostly Europe, though) and I've been enjoying their accents as well. A young woman in my program, Jana ("Yah-nah"), who's from Slovakia, has told us on numerous occasions that she loves the American accents. Being around so many different people has made me truly despise it. I'm so excited to be learning a British accent later this semester. Other than that, here are the most exciting things that have happened so. far:

1.) My bags were left in London and one of my two fantastic flatmates, Nora, stayed with me, keeping my mind off it for over 3 hours until they arrived at my apartment with my bags.

2.) I took the bus and the metro fine. I got on the Tram and this Tram Police guy told me that I needed to pay 700Kc (crown, local currency) because I had violated whatever rule he was explaining in Czech. When I freaked out, telling him I had no cash, he and his partner walked me to the nearest ATM. As we walked up a flight of stairs (on our way), the original officer offered to hold my rolling bag. I politely refused (No. I will not let the mean officer who fined a 19-year-old American girl within her first hour in Prague).

3.) I met my fantastic FlatMates (yes, I just said Flatmates!), Nora and Elizabeth, who both possess many familiar characteristics which is making me feel a lot calmer.

4.) I made it to school all by myself (just me, a map and the tram!) on Saturday morning for orientation.

5.) My flatmates (plus a new friend from the acting ensemble, Lucy) took me out to dinner on my birthday AND I drank free wine and beer with my teachers on Saturday night ("Yeah, drink more while it's free!")

6.) I slept in until 5:30 am on saturday night and actually slept through all of last night!!!! That jetlag should be cleared up RRRREAL soon.

7.) I <3>

8.) I love being able to drink with dinner. It's very calming and pleasant.

9.) Prague is gorgeous. We went to see the castle (plus some other monuments) and, by 1:30 into our 2 hour tour, I couldn't digest any more beauty.

10.) Got through classes today. Am loving every minute. I know things may get harder. Today they are A+



  1. Do not start speaking with a fake British accent. People will start calling you Madonna.

  2. London is amazing, and I too definitely want to live there at some point, as I've told you.

    I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR ALL OF THIS. Your happiness makes me so happy, I can't even explain. And you sound like you're totally, 100% capable of doing this whole navigating-a-new-place thing. As we all knew you would be.

    Also, hooray for good flatmates, and making friends, and all that jazz. Having good people in your Prague life is stellar.

    Love love love!